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Love it

Used to use Princess Countdown for upcomong cruises but they discontinued it. Found Countdown Widget and started using that. I use if for trip I do. You can even shange background pictures so for a cruise I put a pic of the ship. For my trip to China I put the Great Wall. Awesome

Great App to Track Assignments!

I’m finishing up my PhD and I wanted to see some countdowns of deadlines and due dates (e.g. finishing chapters on my dissertation chapters) directly on my desktop. I was particularly interested in this app because I wanted a countdown of days and not with hours and seconds. This app is clean and bold. I like that you can change the colors of each block with a picture as well. Overall, it’s perfect.

Not Worth It

I believed this widget was for the dashboard like most others. Instead it sits on top of your desktop and isn’t removed unless you close the program. In additioin the program doesn’t always start the first time clicked and the font is blurry at best. It was only a dollar so I won’t lose sleep over it but I’ve already deleted the program from the computer.

simple design and practical

easy to use - nice design - binding to iCal would be desirable - otherwise does what it should

Simple and nice App

This app is very simple to use and just what i was looking for. It’s always present on your desctop and reminds you of important events. Also you can just set a new goal for your life and let the widget show you how many days since that day have passed. So it’s good for your motivation, too.

Very nice app, but..

Very nice app. The only think missing is an option to remove "seconds counting" since it can be distracting and to integrate notifications with mountain lions notification center. When thats done, Ill change my rating to a 5 star.


Awesome app, just needs some kind of snap to grid option in positioning the timers so that theyre spaced equally on the screen.

good app

its a good countdown widget to keep track of how many more days, and what time till a big event or exam.. i just wish there was a bigger variety of colours of backgrounds to choose from..other than that, doesnt crash, and it does everything as advertised. I was hesitant in paying $1 for this..but its a good app.

Kind of Annoying

For a simple app that all it needs to do is countdown, its kind of annoying. It is always prompting me if I turn the computer off to make sure I dont shut it down, make sure it opens when I turn my computer on. It kind of gets annoying, always nagging me to do something. None of my other apps ever nag me about anything. Why does the app with the most simple task have to be such a nag?

Amazing App/Widget

It is fantastic and simple to use app. I have many deadlines as a university student and this widget on my desktop reminds me of everything. My friends always ask me what app I’m using and then go download it because it is easy on the eyes and super useful!

highly recommended!

I highly recommend this app; I am a university student, and involved in quite a few things in and around uni, so I have to keep track of a lot of things. While the built-in Calendar/Reminders in Mac are useful, nothing screams ‘reminder’ to an actual countdown widget that you can see on your desktop. It’s a great tool to help me keep track of things!

Very cool app with lots of personalization choices

Does the job wonderfully. I was worried about one of the reviews on the choice of colors and transparency but there is so many different options to personalize the widgets it is perfect (colors, size, background image and icon…). You can even lock the widgets on the desktop so they become integrated to the desktop. Worth my dollar!

Doesn’t work

Seems like a simple and useful widget, but it doesn’t countdown. I have sent in an email as requested above. I’ll update this review if the service is good, if not, I’ll ask for a refund. In other words, don’t waste your money.

It doesn

does not work at all. i want my money back too!!

It works!

Thanks for the fix (and for the credit)! Excellent app.

Best countdown app out there!

I use this app daily to keep track of work deadlines. Its sleek, accurate, and customizable, and intuitive. I once had a display issue, and the developer got back to me in less than a day with a solution. I couldnt be more impressed! Worth every penny, youll love it.


I wanted to like this. Its a neat concept and, if it worked, one that would have benefit me and my business a great deal. Unfortunately it just doesnt work. Im running the latest software and my MBP is less than a year. Ive tried to get this program to work properly but am now officially giving up. After countless attempts, its clear theres a serious issue with this app. For a while, no widgets would appear on my screen. I finally fixed that (took 3 reinstalls) but now I cant edit any of the options. The preferences window opens but form there I cant do anything. Extremely frustrating!

Works exactly as advertised.

This is exactly what I needed. Allows you to set up multiple count down (or count up) timers. The customization feature is a bonus. Works perfectly on my MacBook Air with Mountain Lion.

needs to float

I like this widget, but it REALLY needs an option to make it float above other windows. I want to be reminded of my deadline in an "in-your-face" way, and when I have a lot of windows open, this thing gets lost. Isnt this an easy option to implement? Ill be happy to revise my rating to five stars if so!

Was great. Now it is messing up after update.

I like this app. Allows me to make as many countdowns as possible. Starts up automatically. The only problem is since the update 2 out of the 5 countdowns I have going move to the middle everytime i restart my computer. Hope this gets fixed.

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